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One of the Stormbreaker book covers

One of the Stormbreaker book cover

The very first Alex Rider book that I read was a behind-the-scenes one about how they made the movie. The second Alex Rider book I read was the graphic novel. After reading those two, I very much wanted to read the first book in the Alex Rider series, Stormbreaker. The only thing that was stopping me was… my brother. He was already reading the book, and he was taking an awful long time.

The Grahic Novel is based on the screenplay written by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker: The Grahic Novel is based on the screenplay written by Anthony Horowitz

But that was okay, because I wasn’t very “in” to it yet. It was cool. I was like, “whatever, take your time”. Until, you know, I caved and read the book while he was still reading it. He was not amused when his bookmark accidentally fell out while I was reading.

Anyway, once I read the book, I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

About 70 per cent of books in general are made up of description, while the other 30 per cent is usually the storyline. That was my dad’s “excuse” when explaining to my indignant brother why he had skipped so much – he really just wanted to know the storyline.

But it’s true. Anthony Horowitz manages to write in a way that mesmerizes the reader, and you cannot put the book down. It’s only until you bang into a piece of furniture while walking and reading at the same time, because you can’t put it down, that you know it’s a very good book.

While you may think that Alex Rider is for boys, which I did because duh, a teenaged boy that saves the world, it is in fact suitable for girls too. However, one might wonder why a girl would read it when the only females on the “good side” are Mrs. Jones, the head of Special Operations division in the MI6 and Jack Starbright. Jack takes care of Alex from the time his uncle, who is, by the way, MI6’s best agent, dies.

Neither of these two females are kids or teenagers. Although Jack is pretty much like a kid sometimes.

But does that even matter? For the girl who somehow picks it up, she will be hooked on it, and then in Skeleton Key, the third book in the series, Sabina Pleasure comes into the picture. I have to admit, I absolutely loved that. And I am happy to report that Sabina and Alex kissed. Twice!

But until Sabina comes back in Snakehead, currently the last book in the series, I’m not going to be able to put down Ark Angel, so the furniture had better watch out.


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